Dash on over to the Replicated booth to get your photo with the amazing Kosplay items of Kubecomics. Featuring:

Kaptain kubernetes

Who are these heros?

Kaptain Kubernetes arrived on earth when her home planet of Borg was nearly destroyed by a remarkable clan of rainforest dwelling empire builders. Raised as Kate on the west coast of the United States, she was quickly identified as a child prodigy due to her incredible reliability. Shortly thereafter, a core group of experienced mentors formed an alliance dedicated to her advancement and ongoing success.

The team at Replicated has collected several supernatural items belonging to the Kaptain and her alliance, each imbued with the power of Kubernetes. These items are available for examination at KubeCon San Diego.


Come find us at booth S48 to see these items in real life and learn about how Replicated can modernize your on-prem deployments

Look for this booth!!

About replicated

Replicated provides tools for application vendors to operationalize & scale the distribution of Kubernetes Off-The-Shelf (KOTS) Software to enterprises as private instances. The Replicated platform powers the enterprise versions for HashiCorp Terraform, Snyk, CircleCI, Gradle, Sysdig (+many others), and as a result 50 of the Fortune 100 deploy applications via Replicated. As such, Replicated is the leader in enabling software vendors to deliver their applications to enterprise customers.

Kubecomics was Illustrated by Casey Fritz